Our Founders

The Highflyers Jump Rope Team was founded by David and Tammy Cazares in the Fall of 2000.  From its an inception as a fledgling team with no prior experience of the sport, the Team  grew such that it has national and international recognition in the jump rope community.


Following their fifteenth consecutive year of leading the Highflyers to the U.S. National Jump Rope Championships David and Tammy elected to retire from coaching and the team.

Photo of Coach David Cazares

David Cazares

Coach C. led the Highflyers for 16 years including fifteen appearances at the National Championships and three at the World Championships in 2012, 2014 and 2016.


In 2013 Coach Cazares was awarded the Neil Keller Award by USA Jump Rope in recognition of his contribution to the sport of jump rope.


He was a Board member of USA Jump Rope and coached Team USA in 2014.

Photo of Coach Tammy Aleman Cazares

Tammy Cazares

Coach Aleman worked with Coach C. in their sixteen years of coaching the Highflyers.  With Coach C. she helped lead the team to their 15 National and three World Championship appearances.


USA Jump Rope awarded Tammy the Nancy Bell Award for her significant contribution and service to the sport of jump rope.